Alistair & Sara: The Engagement

I have to admit: this was definitely a first for me. But when Alistair approached me and asked if we could include their dogs into their engagement photos, I was all for it! If you know me, you know that McKenzie and I have a couple puppies ourselves, Roxy & Coleman. Of course, they are ages 4 & 9, so not exactly puppies, but you get the point. That being said, I totally understand wanting to have pets in photos. They are family, too! Plus, it definitely made for an exciting (and adorable) session.

One of my favorite things about this couple was the way their personalities really played off of each other. I'm actually pretty sure I was laughing about 76% of the time that day. And I LOVE the way that you can definitely see that personality shine through the photos. 

Below are some of the highlights from the day. Hope you enjoy!