5 Tips for Great Engagement Photos

Sometimes, planning a wedding can be pretty stressful. Luckily, planning your engagement session doesn’t have to be! If you find yourself getting tense just thinking about planning your engagement session, then you are in the right place. Here are just a few tips we gathered just for you!

  1. Dress for the season. Think about the season as you prepare for your engagement session. If it’s summer, make sure to dress appropriately so you and your fiancé aren’t getting sweat stains and red faces during the session. If it’s in winter, wear brighter colors (just not fluorescent colors!) so you don’t blend into the snow. Just be aware of these things so you are comfortable and your photos will look the best they can be.
  2. Choosing the best session time. In the morning and later in the evening are the best times for a session because of the amazing ‘golden hour’ lighting. If you have a session at noon, the sun will be high in the sky causing harsh lighting and hard shadows. Plus, squinty faces don't look good on anyone!
  3. Be prepared. Make a list of everything you need for your session – brush, lipstick, extra clothes, accessories, etc. Put them in the car and be ready to go. Along with that, make sure you have the address in your phone so you know how to get there. Don't forget to check the current traffic as well so that you can leave with plenty of time to spare.
  4. Be excited. This is also part of being prepared. If you’re excited, it can’t help but rub off on your fiancé. He or she loves you and gets excited when you’re excited. Your significant other can’t help but get excited, too. So build up the hype and let him or her know how important this is to you and how fun it will be.
  5. Relax. Do not, I repeat, do not, stress out about this. This is supposed to be fun. I know you're worried about what you're going to look like, if the weather is going to cooperate, etc., but the more you stress, the more likely you’ll come off as stiff or uncomfortable on camera. The more relaxed you are, the better your photos will be. Do what you can to prepare for the session and leave the rest up to me. That’s what I’m here for, so just take a breath and relax. Hey, maybe this is a prime excuse to spring for that massage?